Monday, May 15, 2006

NJ EASE - A Clearinghouse for Info on Services available to NJ Seniors

Category: Elder Law

As I was considering the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan debacle, characterized lack of real communication, poor information, or no information, I was wondering what is a GOOD place for seniors to get information about services available to them.

One such excellent source in NJ EASE, self-described as:

What is NJ EASE?
NJ EASE (New Jersey Easy Access, Single Entry) is the easy
way for seniors and their families to get information about and access senior
NJ EASE is one toll-free telephone number to put you in touch with
someone to help you learn about and apply for important programs and benefits.
NJ EASE promotes independence, dignity and choice for New Jersey’s older
When you call NJ EASE a person (yes, a real, live, human) from an agency in your county dealing with seniors will answer the phone and direct you to services available to seniors. They do not give recommendations for certain companies; instead, they act as a clearinghouse to find local companies to assist seniors with things such as:

Healthcare * Insurance * Home Care Services * Long Term Care Options * Transportation * Social Activities * Nutrition * Volunteer Opportunities

Although NJ EASE does have a website, it is a telephone based service, so those seeking more information should call 1-877-222-3737.


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